Sunday, December 2, 2007

I now have proof!

Joel does get into EVERYTHING!!! He still has chickenpox so he and I stayed home from church today. I was "trying" to get some things done while he followed me around the house. After a morning like today, I now know why God gave Joel to us last!! He NEEDS 6 other people to watch his every move. I promise these pictures were not staged. I did have him reenact two pictures, because I didn't get my camera out for them. After he got into the third thing and made his "Joel" mess, I started taking pictures.

Loves playing with money. Maybe banking is in his future.....or maybe support raising!!

He so enjoys getting into my cupboards and stacking dishes EVERYWHERE!! Maybe he will be a dishwasher or better yet maybe an architect!!

Playing with food is one of his other passions. Do you think maybe he will be a cook like his daddy? He does arrange and stack everything so neatly....maybe he will be a builder!!

I was cooking lunch when I turned around and saw that he had bowls in the toaster oven!! Maybe he will be a baker.

He loves to pull a chair up to anything higher than himself. Today he was fascinated with the bread, chips and bagels on the counter. Nothing is safe with him around.

These pictures where all taken before lunch!! He doesn't often stop moving, unless there is a movie on. I didn't even get all the picture of him that I could have......pulling out my pots and pans and playing with them, getting down our Nativity set and scattering it all over the living room, or walking around in someone else's shoes. It is such a good thing that he is SO cute!!

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