Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Things have been changing around here recently.

  1. Joel is no longer in a crib. Last week we bought him a toddler bed. He is doing such a great job. He hasn't gotten out of bed once by himself. When he wakes up in the morning, he still calls for Daniel to get him out! I sure hope that potty training goes this easily!!!
  2. We have given up TV for one whole year. I am SO excited!!! At this point, we still let the children watch movies every so often though. Oh yeah, we are also able to watch Biggest Loser until the end of this season. We really want to see the last show, to see the dramatic changes that will take place.
  3. My two oldest girls are really growing up! I remember the days of thinking that they would never grow up fast enough. Wow! They are becoming my friends more and more everyday. I so love our relationship. The three of us can have a lot of fun together. Last night we called my Mom. We got to talking about my childhood nicknames. The girls laughed so hard when they heard what their Grammie used to call me. (I know you want to know, so here you go.......Funny Face, Bam Bam, Chatter Box, and Motor Mouth! Dare I say, "Don't ask!"?)
  4. We got the house all ready today for WINTER! Jeff put plastic around the porch and the children and I stocked it with enough wood to last us until hopefully January. It feels SO good to be prepared. By the way, we might be getting snow tomorrow! YUCK!! Really I couldn't care less though what the weather is between now and Thanksgiving. I just want it to be nice out the day after Thanksgiving! I AM going shopping!!!!

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