Monday, November 5, 2007

Catching Up

Hey there! I have been trying to be careful of how much time I spend on the computer. Which strangely somehow keeps me from blogging. I will attempt to catch you up on our last week.

Friday night Daniel had his first all boy Birthday party. Jeff and the crew of "celebraters" roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over a small fire. After supper they enjoyed ice cream cone cupcakes. Then they played several games of capture the flag. An exciting night for all involved.

Saturday I spent the day mad. Jeff told me Friday night about a rule that was made that effected our family. I was SOOOOOO angry about the whole thing. Jeff worked 14 hours on Saturday so I was not able to discuss the rule until Saturday night. When we were able to talk, we discovered that he explained the rule ALL wrong!! I spent the entire day upset for no reason!

Sunday the kids were sick. We stayed inside all day and rested.

Monday was very busy. It all started when we went to a local Fire Department and got the grand tour. First we saw all the trucks and equipment. Next we were able to go back to were the fire men "live". Fire Man Scott did such an excellent job teaching us about fire safety. He even had the children act out what they should do if they are in a fire. It was such a great experience. We all learned a whole lot. As soon as we returned from the tour, it was time to go to Carter's Birthday party. We spent a couple of hours there having fun. When we returned home I had to get busy on a lesson for Bible Study. Later that night, while the children we still eating supper, I was heading out the door AGAIN, this time to go to Bible Study. After Bible Study Amy and I went to Meijer. I finally got home for the day at 10:30!

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