Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy 10th Birthday

Today is Daniel's birthday. Here are some of my favorite pictures of him!!

I can't believe that my "little boy" is 10! I know that this is selfish, but when I found out that I was pregnant with a boy I prayed that he would be affectionate. I wanted him to adore his mommy and to grow up and be a great husband someday! He has his bad moments, but for the most part this guy does adore his mommy and I really think that he will make a great husband someday, that is IF we let him get married! (just joking!)

Daniel's four biggest passions are fishing, building anything that requires using a hammer, playing paintball, and last but not least......playing with any child younger than himself. (Did I mention that he is going to be a great dad too?) Don't worry, I am not one of those moms that thinks her son is perfect! It just wouldn't be right though to post the negative stuff on his birthday, so I will continue with the good stuff!! He is really good at math. He is also a great athlete. His favorite sports are soccer, basketball, football, bowling, golf, and teasing his sisters.

I love this child SOOOOOO much. I can see such potential for this young man's life. I pray that the Lord gets a hold of his heart and that Daniel spends his life serving Christ.

Happy Birthday, Buddy! I love you!


Thomas and Lisa said...

Glad I was able to stop and catch up with your family. Just in time to wish Daniel "Happy Birthday!"

Blessings to you today and always...

Peggy said...

You are such a sweet Mommy, Judith! God knew what he was doing when he entrusted you with 5 little people to love and nurture. I have a picture of Joshua and I peeking out of that same heart shape on the playground! That was way back when we were still dating!

Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

Thomas and Lisa,
Thank you. I will be sure to tell Daniel.
Can't wait to see you guys!!

Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

Your comment really got me thinking. Thank you!!!
I have often wondered, if God "knew" what He was doing when He gave me each child. I have felt SO inadequate to be their mommy! When the first four were all six and under, I actually felt sorry for them to have to have me as their mommy! I have no doubt that God is incontrol of every situation, but I had doubted Him in this area. I must claim God's Word as TRUTH in the lives of my children too! Yes, God did KNOW what He was doing when He gave me my five precious children. I just hope that they don't grow up hating Him for it!!

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