Saturday, October 20, 2007

Joel is "talking"

I have to share some of Joel's new words. He is doing pretty good at repeating some words, but other words come out very funny. Yesterday I was practicing with him how to say Uncle Jimmy. It came out sounding like Unka Dimmie. I thought that sounded great. I was very proud of him. Tonight the children and I were having fun with some new words. The two funniest of them all were for Jeff and Grammie (what my children call my mom). I said, "Joel, say Grammie." Joel's response was, "Granbum!" I think that I shall be calling her that for awhile!! Later we asked Joel to say, "Jeff." He looked us right in the eyes and said, "Bob!" We repeated Jeff again to see if he would do better, but every time, he said, "Bob!" We laughed so hard, we had tears in ours eyes. He knew it was making us laugh and he wouldn't say anything else. He is very stubborn!

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