Friday, October 5, 2007

Special treats

Today was a day of lots of special treats! I went through this day, just amazed at all the blessings today kept bringing.

* This one was a BIG blessing. Lauren went to her orthodontist first thing this morning. Up to this point, things have not been going well for Lauren and her teeth. She leaves every appointment discouraged and not wanting to go back. She has been working SO hard to do the right things and it finally paid off today. Her orthodontist was ABSOLUTELY AMAZED at how well she has done since her last visit. He has never seen such a dramatic moving of teeth. She did so well, that she now has to spend the next two months correcting the over movement that took place!!! She doesn't mind though. She is just glad that he finally realizes that she is doing everything that he tells her to do!!
* I actually filled out our bank deposit slip and got it all added correctly! (Don't ask, just trust me that I was very excited!!)
* I found an incredible cheesy potato soup recipe online today. Lauren and I made it for
supper tonight. It was great to work with her. I also made homemade cornmeal rolls. Supper was fabulous and everyone loved it!! It felt so wonderful to spoil my family.
* I haven't done dishes in a very long time. Tonight I did Lauren's dish job and it felt sooooo good to do them again. The best part of doing the dishes was I didn't have to, I chose to!! Sometimes it just feels good to choose to do something and not be forced to do it!!
* I got to snuggle with several of the children while they were watching a movie.
* We made s'mores for dessert. Always fun!
* We have a sleep over guest tonight. Emily and Lauren invited Moriah Mann to spend the night and the day tomorrow. I love having Saturdays off from school!!!

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