Friday, August 31, 2007

We have phone capabilities

AT&T has done it again!! After many tries, AT&T now has us connected! You should have seen the smile on my face the first time I picked up the phone and heard a dial tone. MUSIC TO MY EARS!!!

I will try to get you all caught up on our lives from this past week. It might take me a while though. I am busy now getting ready for VACATION!! YIPPEE! We leave Tuesday morning at 1:00am. Jeff, Lauren, Daniel, and Amy are dropping Emily, Joel , and I off at the Indianapolis Airport at 4:00am. We have a 6:00 flight to catch to Florida. Jeff and his crew are going to continue driving on down to Greenville, SC to be with his mom and siblings for a few days before they meet us in Florida on Sunday night. During that time, I and my crew will be spending our time with my dad. Dad lives in a very small trailer. So when we go down there, I don't usually get to spend much time with him. We spend a lot of time away at a hotel, because of the craziness of the children. I look forward to this time with my dad!!
When we all meet up again on Sunday night, we will have some real family time together. I can't wait!!

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