Monday, August 27, 2007


We woke up Friday morning to be told that our power would be out until Tuesday sometime!! I was not to happy at that time. It had been raining for two days already and it was still raining that morning. We were stuck in our dark house with nothing to do. I had a Ladies Tea that I was supposed to go to that afternoon, but I felt so gross that I didn't even want to go to it. Praise the Lord that this camp has generators and Henry to hook them up. He hooked up a generator to the bath house so that we could take showers and go to the bathroom. I failed to mention that when we do not have power we do not have running water either. Well I took a shower and it felt wonderful!! I went into the shower with a REALLY BAD ATTITUDE, but came out feeling so much better about life. I still didn't want to go to the Tea at that point, but I went anyway. I am so glad that I did. It was a special time and I got to be in air conditioning for a couple of hours!! The day was not a bad day after all. That evening we had our ministry wide closing service. Once again we came home to a dark, quiet, hot house. We all got to bed rather quickly.

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