Monday, August 27, 2007


I will catch you up on our lives from the past five days. Thursday night at supper Emily, Daniel, Amy and I were in the middle of a very strong, quick storm! We were in the lodge just beginning to eat supper when we looked out the back of the lodge and saw a tree fall into the back windows. (no windows were broken, just the awning and part of the deck) We turned around from that just in time to see a tree fall in the front of the lodge! Thunder, lightening, heavy rain and gusty winds were all around us. We were under a tornado watch! Jeff was not in the lodge with us. He was at home with Lauren and Joel. Team members were yelling and panicking, which scared the children that were with me. The children were very afraid without daddy there. I on the other hand was very calm at this point, TOTALLY A GOD THING!! Well, like I said, the storm was very fast! It was basically over in ten minutes. When it passed, our family got in the van and headed to Granger. (Thursday night work) It was incredible off the property. It almost looked as though nothing happened off the camp. It seems that the camp was right in the path of the storm. Nothing at all happened to our house just 75 feet up the hill. I take that back, something did happen to our house. WE LOST POWER AND PHONE! The tree that fell took down all our lines with it! We got home from Granger to a dark, QUIET, hot house! It wasn't quiet outside though. There was another storm coming through, not a bad one though.

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