Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My hopes are gone!

I have hoped since the day that Joel was conceived that he would not be strong willed like one of his siblings. Everyday my hopes get smaller and smaller. Today they were SMASHED!! I can not deny it any longer, I have two very strong willed, stubborn children!! Here is just a glimpse of what happened today. He was eating lunch and doing a fine job I must say. He had slowed down eating and only had three more bites left. To encourage him to finish the three bites, I pulled out his cookie for dessert. I say encourage him, because this would encourage me to do whatever necessary to get the cookie. Need I say that stubborn, strong willed children do not think as I do? The cookie was out and a fight was started! He threw his three pieces of pizza, his cup, and his fork on the floor. He wanted that cookie NOW! I was determined to not give it to him until he ate those three pieces. I disciplined him for throwing the stuff on the floor. I put the stuff back on his tray and told him to finish eating, then he could have the cookie. After much screaming from Joel, more things on the floor, and more discipline, I walked to the other side of the kitchen for a moment (I needed a break). Daniel was sitting next to Joel and took this moment to help his brother. He looked at Joel and said the same thing that I had been saying for the past five minutes, "Joel, just eat those three bites and you can have your cookie." Not 5 seconds later I hear Daniel saying, "Look Mommy, he is eating all his pizza. None of it is thrown on the floor either." Sure enough, when I turned around Joel had a mouth full of food. That little stinker ate all 3 pieces for Daniel, but he wouldn't even eat ONE for me!

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Karen said...

At least he was being a good influence on Joel! There are so many time I can't count that Hayden will do something for Carter, but not me... of course there are many more times he'll just whack Carter on the head and scream at the top of his lungs!

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