Monday, August 27, 2007


This morning was pretty normal, until Karen came over and told me about what was happening in Buchanan at that exact moment! At that point we were told from the news stations that there was a hostage situation at Hardings in Buchanan. (This is the same grocery store that I was almost hit by a car a couple of months ago.) The news people said that the FBI were there along with many police officers. Roads were closed all around the store. We were shocked! Karen and I both shop there, we could have been there this morning. Praise the Lord we weren't. The children and I immediately prayed for these people and all the officers. I was so concerned for every ones safety.
Everything has been taken care of now. Apparently someone called on a cell phone (that was traced to New York City) and told the store that there was a bomb in aisle 3. He was going to allow the shoppers to leave, but the workers had to stay inside. He told them not to contact police. He stayed on the phone with them for two hours and told them to wire money from the store to him. One of the customers called the police, so his plan didn't work. He got no money and he will hopefully be found.
I have two questions to ask.... WHAT KIND OF A SICK MIND THINKS THESE THINGS UP!!? and WHY BUCHANAN!!!?

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