Sunday, August 19, 2007


Joel has been living between two extremes the past few days. He is either being absolutely fun or absolutely naughty. There is just no middle ground with him. Here are some examples....
1. The other day Joel and Amy played hide and go seek. It was so cute to watch him walk around the house looking for Amy. I honestly thought (for a moment) that maybe having another baby would be fun. Those that know me, KNOW that he must have been REALLY cute for me to even think such a thought!!
2. He has started SCREAMING again! It doesn't take much to get his lungs going. Today I was on the phone with my dad and I had to shut myself in my bedroom just to hear him, because Joel was screaming so loudly.
3. Tonight he sat on the couch, cuddling a shirt of mine, while he watched me do an exercising video. I love seeing him cuddle things. At first I was kind of concerned, but it is becoming a habit of his now.
4. He tried doing some of the exercises with me. He looked adorable lifting his legs up and down, waving his arms around, and moving back and forth with me.
5. He has started throwing a fit again when it is time for bed.
6. He is getting into everything!! If you walk into our house while he is awake, he is probably standing on a chair getting into something!
7. Today he got up on the counter and ate a cinnamon role that was waiting there for me. This one falls into both extremes!
8. He is really starting to be able to play. I am loving this stage! His favorite game for now is sending a truck speeding down the hall way to someone and waiting for them to return it.
9. Playdough! The boy loves the stuff. He spent over an hour playing with it today.
Oh well, I guess living in extremes isn't really that bad! The good extremes help get me through the bad extremes!!

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