Thursday, August 16, 2007

Herdklotz "Celtic" Women

Lauren and Emily love to sing. You can hear them singing at just about any moment. Tonight was no exception. We had Lauren's Celtic Women CD playing. The girls got a great idea to find themselves each a microphone to sing into. Lauren found a flashlight. Emily found a pen that served as an ear mic. The girls had a blast singing to the CD. Jeff even got into the act. NO, he wasn't singing, he was dancing....a little Irish type dance. They are all VERY familiar with this CD, because we also have the DVD of the entire show. (Thanks to my cousins Nancy and Rich. They gave it to Lauren for Christmas a couple of years ago.) I love it when the girls do stuff together. It just thrills this Mama's heart!! I had to take pictures to share with you all. The girls were more than glad to pose for the pictures. Jeff was not, he found something else to do in another room!

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Jen said...

i think we'd rather see video of jeff doing his celtic dancing! we love celtic women, too.

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