Friday, April 13, 2007

We are home

Wow what a week!! Sorry that I haven't written in so long!
Monday and Tuesday were full of shopping, swimming, playing at the park and packing.
Wednesday morning started real early for us. We left my mom's house by 5:15. We got to the airport a little after 6:00. It was a rush from there. We checked in a TON of luggage and hurried to our gate. We took off at 7:30. Our three hour flight took us to Cincinnati, Ohio. This flight was very easy for me. Amy watched a movie and Joel slept! We landed in Cincinnati at 2:00 (their time). We had a three hour lay over to enjoy. That airport is a fun place to be for three hours, it is so big and has lots of elevators, trams, buses, and moving sidewalks to ride. We had a blast! Our plane was scheduled to leave at 5:00, but it was late and over booked. They offered two blessed volunteers a hotel nights stay, food vouchers and 400 Delta dollars each (to be used for future air fare). I have prayed for this opportunity EVERY time I have flown! Amy and I volunteered! We felt like royalty! They took care of our EVERY need. (They already had our luggage on the plane, so we were pretty needy!) They drove us to a very nice hotel. This hotel had everything that you could want....except for a bathing suit for Amy. They had little shops, restuarants, two swimming pools, tennis courts, an exercise room and a great room for us to sleep in! It was such an neat place to be, I so wished that the rest of the family could have been there to enjoy it with us!
Delta gave us $63.00 worth of vouchers to spend on TWO meals for the three of us. I could spend them at any vendor at the airport or at the hotel. I had so much fun spending them! We are still eating some of the food that I bought. (special muffins and scones, frosted almonds, and cheese popcorn) I did buy us real meals too, and I still had a voucher left over.
Our plane left Cincinnati at 9:55 Thursday morning and we were in our family's arms by 10:45! That was an awesome 24 hours, but we were glad to be home!! (Jeff thinks that 2 weeks and 2 days is too long for us to be away from home! I disagree!)

I expected a great response from Joel when we first got into the airport and saw the family, but Joel didn't respond like I thought he would. He just sat in his stroller and stared at all of them. He probably would have been happy to stay in his stroller, but he had three siblings just dying to hold him!! Let the fighting begin! Things are back to normal now, but they couldn't get enough of him yesterday, even Amy wanted him!
I haven't decided how to use those 800 Delta dollars yet. We are either going to pay for me and another child to fly out to Phoenix next year or Jeff and I might fly away for a few days to be together!! I like both ideas.
Thanks to Jeff and the children the house was very clean when we got home. (All I have to do is put the rest of my stuff away.)

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