Sunday, February 11, 2007

I was wrong!

I don't think that Joel is ready to give up his morning nap. He fell asleep in his highchair after breakfast this morning. Tomorrow we will go back to two naps!

Well our sleepover went great. We no sooner got the Mann's home and there were 3 Maines children here to play. They stayed the afternoon and for supper. I was forced to give them back sometime around 8 o'clock lastnight. We all had a lot of fun. They are going to spend the night Tuesday thru Wednesday. I can't wait until they get here!
We have had no extra children in our house today, but I am going crazy!! I swear that I have cleaned this house 3 times today and it doesn't look like I have touched it. Joel is an EXPERT at making this house messy. He pulls things out of where they belong and drags them around the house until he finds something new to play with. He NEVER puts anything away. I spend my day picking up after him. He will learn soon enough to put things away, I realize that this is just a phase, but today it is really bothering me! Probably hormones or something related to it.
Jeff just asked me to come up with a list of possible people that we could have raise our children in case we both die. How do you decide such a thing. Who could handle raising five extra children? At the moment, I am at a loss for possible people. The couple would have to be young enough to have the energy required to take care of my crew. They would have to be very special for us to trust them with our greatest treasures. They would have to love my children! As overwhelmed as I feel today, just thinking about choosing someone to raise my children makes me realize how much I love my role as their mommy!! I am so blessed! Thanks Lord for the new perspective, I needed it!!

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