Saturday, August 29, 2009


My new mission in life is to......have a clean and organized house! I am no longer willing to live in clutter and messes. I am no longer going through the house and cleaning up every one's messes just because I can't stand it for one more minute. Their messes are now their responsibilities. I feel so much better about my home and they seem to like it too. I so pray that this is our new lifestyle and that we never go back to being messies!!!
Amy had her ninth birthday this week. Wow are my children getting old. In July, Lauren turned 15 and Emily turned 13. Now Amy is 9 and in November the boys have their birthdays. Daniel will be 12 and Joel will be 4. I love my children's ages, so now they can officially stop getting older!!!
The weather has been very strange here. One day we are swimming and the next we are FREEZING!!!!
I am certain that if I make it as far as becoming a nurse, I want to work with the elderly. I just absolutely love old people!!
I am in the midst of putting my trust in the Lord to the test!! I am submitting to what my husband believes is best for our family and waiting to see what God will supply. Will He supply enough financial support for us to stay here and minister or will He supply another opportunity for our family? Only God knows what our future holds!!
I can't believe that it is almost September already. Where does the time go?
Someone paid Daniel for all the hard work that he has done on their new house. They told him to go buy himself a brand new pair of sneakers and then buy himself something fun. God provided a great sale today. Daniel was not only able to buy himself a brand new pair of sneakers, but he had enough to buy himself a fishing pole!! Very fun day!!
My sister, Joann, emailed me yesterday. It was great to hear from her. I so pray that my family will someday be close.
I have searched several stores for just the right shadow box. Today, while out shopping with Daniel, I FOUND IT!!!! It is perfect, just what I was looking for, and on CLEARANCE!!! Thank you Jesus!!! I have been waiting to make a very special memorial of things from my dad!! I will post a picture when I am done.
Daniel is now over two inches taller than me and wears a 9 1/2 sneaker. Someone please tell me that he will not grow up and be a man real soon.

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