Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cook Off entries

We were a part of a cook off tonight. It was great fun. Daniel and his friends made this helicopter cake. They worked very hard on it!! They actually won a prize for it. They won Best Looking. The boys were very proud of their accomplishment.

This next entry did not win an award, but I thought that it was a creative idea. Lauren and her friend made peanut butter and jelly cutout sandwiches.

Emily and her friend made this pumpkin cake. Not only does it look like a pumpkin, but it was an actual pumpkin cake recipe. They went all out and they got the award for the Best Tasting!! I was told hands down all the judges agreed about the taste! I will have to have her post the recipe on Recipeasy sometime.


Mom said...

Judith, what talented and creative children you and Jeff have. They sure take after the both of you with their ablities and creativity. Daniel's helicopter sure took some planning and I love what the blades are made out of, very clever. Lauren's, cute idea and one that sure stood out and I'll bet tasted good too. Emily's cake must have been the hit, as it does look real and you should post the receipe. Great job and best of all they probably had a lot of fun preparing their exhibit for competition. Great idea and one they will remember..after all that's what memories are made from.

Pegsy said...

That's pretty cool that you had TWO winners in the family! Sounds like a lot of fun! Was is a homeschool event? I love pumpkin anything, so I'm sure I would have loved that cake as well!

Glad you like my basement. :-) If you ever come visit, you can stay down there!

geisme said...

I love the cook off pics. :)

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