Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why don't they believe me?

I have told my children, if they cut their own hair, they WILL regret it. She didn't believe me!

I have told my children, if they destroy something.....they will have to pay to get it fixed or replace the item! One of them did not believe me. I am in the process of making that child a believer REAL soon!! I am looking for a great seamstress that can fix this and the other cut that was made. If I can't get it fixed, then I get to go shopping with some money from my unbelieving child!!

I have told my dear husband that I should not be cutting his hair. He wouldn't believe me....until last night.

I would like to be fair in this post. My husband has been telling me for years that I would really like granola and yogurt. I did not believe him! Last week I finally weakened and had a taste. I absolutely love the stuff. After a week of eating it, I am so addicted to it...I can't wait for morning to come so that I can have my next bowl. I should have believed him!!!


Pegsy said...

That was a funny post! And thanks for being honest about your own unbelief!

ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

Oh dear! No, we should NEVER try to cut our own hair. Or that of our spouses, lol.

stephanie said...

HILARIOUS!!!! I loved the story...

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