Sunday, August 24, 2008

My new motivation to take a walk!!!

Jeff and Daniel went for a walk around the loop today. Daniel was up ahead of Jeff when he found what he thought was a fake $100.00. He put it in his pocket and kept walking. When he and Jeff were finally together, Daniel pulled out the money and told Jeff that he was going to give his play money to Amy for her cash register. Jeff questioned him about his fake money, "How do you know that it is fake?" Daniel replied,"No one like me is going to find a real $100.00 bill." Jeff took a look at it and sure enough someone like Daniel can and did find a REAL $100.00 bill!!!

I only have one that he is RICH, am I allowed to charge him money when he disobeys, instead of disciplining him?
Sorry Bryan, Jeff and Daniel already searched ALL over the place to see if there was any more. There wasn't, so no need to hurry home!!!


Emily Jennings said...

WOW! Where did he find it? Outside of the LARCC? That's amazing!

mylifewith5kids said...

Yes, off the property. I can't imagine that anyone on the property would just be caring around that kind of money. Although Daniel did, maybe the owner also thought that it was fake!

Mom said...

Tell Daniel he can send it with you and Emily when you come to visit and we will spend it for him.
Sounds like a plan to me.

Pegsy said...

That's amazing! My mom found a $100 bill once and I still remember the excitement!

Thomas and Lisa said...

What's he going to use it for?

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