Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our little girl turned 8 today!!

Wow, I can't believe that my Amy Jo is getting so big. I am not sure that I am truly ready for her to grow up yet. Here is a short video to celebrate her little life. (I took this openning video of Amy a couple months ago that is why she states her age as 7.)

Amy you are such a joy to have a round. You LOVE to be a helper to me. You make me laugh almost everyday. Your smile can just melt my heart. I love you little girl SO very much. I thank Jesus for allowing me the privilege of being your Mommy!!!

Happy Birthday, Amy Jo!!!


Karen said...

Happy Birthday Amy!!! I wish we could be there to celebrate with you!!!
The video was so sweet.

I did see the post about Daniel's big find (does this mean Amy got a REALLY good present from him;)
I haven't had a chance to tell Bryan since he's in TN and I forget when he calls! I'll try to remember soon!
Miss you all LOTS!

Thomas and Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!
Adriana,Alexie Alayna, Annalise
P.S. Butterfly Kisses is one of my favorite songs! Adriana

Jennifer said...

Great job on the viedo!!

Happy Birthday Amy!

Thomas and Lisa said...

Have a super year being 8! It was fun seeing the video of you.
Hugs from the Philippines

Kelsey said...

Aww Happy Birthday Amy!

Grammie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY JO!!!! What a beautiful video and the song just fit so well with you. I love and miss you and yes your mommy is right when she said your smile melts her heart. You do have a winning smile. You are one sweet little girl. Enjoy your birthday.

Pegsy said...

That was so precious, Judith! I'm crying my eyes out right now... What a beautiful little girl you have! I wish we lived closer so she and Sara could be friends.

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