Thursday, August 14, 2008

Really it is not my fault!!

I am sorry that I have not posted in a few days. I totally intended to post this week, but Jeff had surgery on Tuesday morning. Nothing life threatening.....just VERY painful!!! I have been a nervous wreck taking care of him!!! He is doing MUCH better now, so I have some time to write.
Joel is sick. He has a runny nose and an awful cough. It has been quite the challenge to take care of Jeff and Joel. I really have to keep them separated, because Jeff can not get what Joel has. I get to take Joel to the park often, which has been the highlight of my days!!!
Seeing my husband go through all this pain, has made me just adore him so much more. My heart just breaks with every wince of pain.
We "started" school this week. We haven't gotten a lot done in four days, but we started!!! I will say this though, my first days at it....already make me want to QUIT!!!! I hope having Jeff home for a week or two will help school go more smoothly!! One can only hope!!!


Jennifer said...

Glad to have you back into the blogger world:) Hope Jeff feel's better soon!

Karen said...

I was wondering how Jeff was doing! Feel free to send him over to our house!

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