Monday, August 11, 2008

Two weeks?

I have to post today!! If I wait until tomorrow, it will be TWO WEEKS since my last post!!! That is the longest I have ever stayed away from blogging!!
I didn't post at first, because I was really struggling with this whole blog thing. I found out two weeks ago that I had written a post that hurt someone and I never wanted to blog again!!! I try to be so careful when I write something. Most of my readers are not in my circle of "physical" friends. Which means that most of you have no idea who I am writing about when I have a problem even if I mention the name of the person. But since I have a few friends who would know who everyone is, I am VERY careful to not give too many details. No matter how careful I was, I still ended up hurting someone!! I to hurt people. Sometimes I just NEED to vent and I love doing it on my blog. I am trying to decide, if I am going to keep this blog going as usual or if I am not going to be as honest and open as I love being. Lots to figure out.
The next thing that kept me from posting was Lauren's 14th Birthday. She did not want a special Birthday post just for her.
The last thing that kept me from posting was a HUGE experience with Murphy's Law. What can go wrong......WILL go wrong!!!! I have been working on a DVD about our family and our ministry. We are going to send it to individuals for the purpose of requesting that they join our support team. (Hey let me know, if you would like to receive one!!) This DVD should have been pretty simple to do......but it was NOT!!!! I wasted days on this thing and didn't really accomplish anything. I thought that I was done many times, but for more reasons than you care to read I was not done. EVERYTHING went wrong at least once!!! The DVD is done and I can now look back on it and laugh, but I shed many tears while doing it!!!
I am back. I will be blogging once again!!!


Pegsy said...

Glad to have you back! You would definitely be missed in my blogging world if you quit. I always appreciate your openness and honesty, but I understand how you could end up hurting someone...

ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

It is so hard to find that balance! But I hope that you will continue to blog, and be as real as you have been. Your words bless me and challenge me. I pray that the person who was hurt will have an open and forgiving heart. *hugs*

nettergirl said...

I would miss your blog TERRIBLY! Please do not stop being yourself! It would be tragic that you could not be honest. I do understand that you would NEVER on purpose offending anyone. You have such a senstive spirit about yourself. Thank you for sharing your life and it experiences. I missed you. Glad you are back.

Anonymous said...

I think "venting" can sometimes turn into gossip. The bible says if you have a problem with that person you should go to them in private and discuss the situation. By talking out your frustrations on here not only are you just telling your side of the story...but the person who hurt/offended you probably is more hurt that you didn't come to them and had to read it on the world wide web for everyone to see. Even though your readers may not know what your talking about the other person involved does and that is probably embarrassing and frustrating for them.

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