Thursday, July 24, 2008

I can't pinch another penny....

I read this post last night and the topic was pinching pennies when buying groceries and necessities. The first thing on the list was not spending more than $100 to $150 per person each month. For my family of seven that equals $700 to $1050 a month. Let me just start by saying that I would LOVE to have $700 to spend each month!!! I spend a little over $500 a month, because we do not have the extra money to spend. That includes shampoo, diapers, soap, food and all the rest of the non-clothing necessities of our family. I commented on the above mentioned blog and I was asked to tell how I do it. Here we go.

1. We do not buy meat other than chicken and ground turkey.
2. We eat A LOT of bread and pasta. (not healthy, but cheap!!)
3. We do not buy name brands. We buy store brands and off brands WHENEVER possible!!
4. We eat breakfast for supper at least once a week.
5. I make most meals from scratch.
6. Beans and corn bread is a VERY cheap meal! Fills us up and we all like it.
7. I buy items when they are on sale and I stock up!!!
8. We do not buy sugared cereals. Bran flakes are a must!!!
9. I do not let my children snack all day. They must get permission from me before they eat anything.
10. We try to only make dessert once a week, then we stretch out the left overs for as long as we can.
11. Ramon Noodles are a huge blessing!!
12. We do not eat out more than once a month.
13. Popcorn instead of chips.

I have included everything that I can think of at the moment. I only do these things out of necessity!! I would SO LOVE to eat healthier. I have stated before that we are full time missionaries with Life Action Ministries. We live on support and we are in the midst of raising our support level. I look forward to the day that I can go get groceries for the week and not feel SO depressed when I am done.


Kelsey said...

I had no clue you were full time missionaries, that is just AWESOME! Good for you!

4funboys said...

wow... I'm humbled and amazed at the effort you put into what what many of us take for granted-- like going to the store.

You'll have many jewels in your crown some day!!

Pegsy said...

Another money-eater for a lot of families is soda pop. We only drink water. I buy real fruit juice (in concentrate because it's so much cheaper), but that's only for special occasions or to make popsicles! And I'm glad I'm not the only mom who doesn't buy cereal! I will occasionally buy a box of store brand "Cheerios" for a treat.

Tabitha said...

It's fun to drop in on you now and then and see what your troop is up to. :)
There's no doubt it's tough to feed a large family on a budget- you've got some good rules. We've been eating more and more legumes (so cheap!)- 5 different types (usually black, black eyed peas, garbanzo, lima & butter), rinsed and all mixed together, tossed with Italian dressing. Lasts all week as a mid afternoon snack, or great with grilled chicken and oh so good for you. Do you have a garden?

ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

Thanks for sharing your tips, Judith! (And for the link, too. *smile)

I have to tell you, when I'm being totally careful with my planning and budgeting, I do almost all of the same things as you. Yet it is impossible for me to do it for less than $850.

I wonder if our grocery costs are just very different? I'm in the US right now, and purchased what I expected to be $130 in food for our road trip, and it came through at $72. Even with the exchange rate that's still only about $80 - so a savings of $50 or so.

I'd be interested to do a comparison on some of the basics...

Pegsy said...

It is definitely more expensive for groceries in Canada!! I was shocked and dismayed when we first moved here. I've often thought about posting what some of our prices are for standard grocery items. And I buy generic and store brand whenever possible!

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