Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What were we up to today?

Daniel's fun thing for today was listening to a CD, while in bed.

Emily is all about her hair. She enjoys looking good for any occasion. Today she worked hard on straightening her hair so that she could go....swimming in the lake!

Lauren and Amy's newest passion is making pot holders!!! They are very creative and quiet when they are doing these!! If anyone out there has extra pieces for a loom sitting around, my family would love them. Even Daniel has gotten into making these things. In fact we now have SO many pot holders in our house that many of you will be getting one for Christmas!!

Joel loves to have a HAMMER (or hanger in Joel language) in his hand at all times. I won't tattle on him and tell you some of the more creative places he has hammered. I will tell you though that he has gotten the hammer taken away more than once.


ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

Fun stuff! I love how creative kids can get if we leave them to their own devices for a while. I'll take some home-made pot holders for Christmas! LOL.

And the hair before the lake - hilarious! My girlfriend was just telling me about a big disagreement they had about whether or not she needed to do her hair to go to the beach. Girls. ;)

Jed said...

Thanks for commenting o my blog... the trip was amazing but it is always good to be home!!! Tune in later today for the prize drawing!!!

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