Friday, June 20, 2008


Joel brought home a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from lunch today. He placed it on the floor and then he laid down to get his diaper changed. I guess he really didn't want that sandwich, because when his diaper was changed he ran off to play. The sandwich was forgotten.........but not for too long! Jeff found it and cracked up laughing. I went running to see what was so funny.

See for yourself.......

Apparently Joel had laid down on the sandwich and it was scooped up into his diaper during the change!!! None of us remembered it even existed until Jeff found it!! It somehow puts a whole new meaning to "playing with your food" doesn't it?

Oh, by the way......I am not telling WHO changed the diaper, but I am sure that he will NEVER do this again!!!

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Pegsy said...

That's hilarious! I must say I've never seen the likes of that before!

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