Monday, June 23, 2008

My keyless remote

This keyless remote has quite a history.
It has brought me such joy through the years. I love it on rainy days when I do not have to stand in the rain to unlock the doors. When my hands are full, I do not have to juggle things to unlock the door. All I have to do is push that wonderful button and it unlocks my van for me!!! I love this thing.
It has brought me intrigue and mystery. One Christmas I lost this remote and I couldn't find it for TWO years. I searched high and low for it. I really missed it for those two long years! I thought about it often and wondered where could it be? I found it one summer, as I was getting things ready for a garage sale. I was taking winter coats out of the closet and cleaning out the know, getting them ready to sell!! I reached into a pocket and there was my beloved keyless remote. I was SO excited!!
Today my keyless remote has another memory added to its history. In one word it can be described as EMBARRASSING!!! Joel and I went to the bank today. I have two sets of keys, just in case I lose one which happens all the time ( I even lost both sets a couple of weeks ago). Oops...back to my story. Joel requested to hold the set with the remote while we were going to the bank. I said, "Sure, but don't push any buttons." All was well at the bank. I pulled up to the drive through and turned off my van. Which is a good thing I did, because we were there 10 MINUTES depositing some checks. I have never had so much trouble before. The teller took care of me and said,"Goodbye, have a nice day" THREE times. She kept getting things messed up and I would have to send her back stuff. It was unbelievable. Joel was doing great with the keys. He asked me several times, if he could "push the buttons", but I kept telling him not right now Buddy. He obeyed very nicely. 9 minutes into this bank visit from The Twilight Zone, Joel got a little "touchy" and pushed the PANIC button!! The van alarm is very loud under the bank "roofs". I whipped around and got the keys from Joel. Turned the alarm off and busted up laughing!! I was so embarrassed!! That bank teller is probably home now telling all her friends about it!

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