Friday, March 28, 2008


  • Last night on our way home from Granger it was snowing very heavily. We were almost home when we all were sure that we saw....lightning and thought that we heard thunder!!! Is that possible?

  • Last night Jeff was on the couch asleep. I went over to him and said, "Honey, is it time to go to bed yet?" His reply, "Oh I closed my eyes. I guess I just forgot to open them." (He really makes me laugh!)

  • Today when I was at the Post Office I over heard another customer say, "No, it's all for the same last name. I have three addresses!" Why would one person need three addresses? (By the way that he and his two buddies were dressed and behaved, I am sure that he was not referring to Summer cottages!)

  • When I came home from my outing this morning this is what greeted me.

Jeff was watching the children and he FORGOT to dress Joel! ( Should I be worried about Jeff's memory?)

  • A telemarketer called me yesterday. He was trying to get some info that I was NOT about to give him. He persisted for at least 10 minutes, telling me why I was safe to give him my bank info. I do not hang up on telemarketers, so I was stuck listening to him and continually telling him, "No thank you." I finally said, "I have said no and I am not changing my mind. I will not be rude and hang up on you. Please let me go." His reply, "You can be rude." He actually was giving me permission to hang up on him! (Believe me...I wanted to be rude, but I just couldn't. I did consider giving the phone to the two year old though!) I told him that I wouldn't hang up. He finally relented and let me go. I thanked him and we both hung up. (Why do they have to be so difficult sometimes?) PS-The same guy called me back today 3/28!! I didn't hang up, but I wouldn't talk to he hung up on me!

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