Saturday, March 29, 2008

Now I know!

Well, the debate over whether or not to get the black stove is now figured out! I emailed the person with the stove. I asked him if I could come see it today, because I would be in Niles this afternoon. Apparently Ebay messed up and stated the location as Niles, MI, but it was supposed to be Lorrain, OH! Go figure. It sure is a good thing that I wanted to see it before I bid on it or we might have had to go to Ohio to pick it up! Oh well, that wasn't the stove for us. I am now waiting patiently for the right stove!


Tabitha said...

Glad it was decided for you. :) I was going to offer my two cents- I'm a fan of classic, timeless white. Good luck! Have you heard of/checked craigslist?

GE is me said...

Judith, didn't you have a tab on your sidebar about a blog called praying moms? Or maybe it was Karen's blog? Now I can't find it- should've bookmarked it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, -Gail

GE is me said...

Never mind I found it. It was on Peggy's blog.

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