Monday, March 17, 2008

Random pictures from this week

Two of my favorite girls doing dishes together. They were working SO nicely with each other that I just had to take a picture. Now I will add that these dishes were Lauren's responsibility, so she HAD to be nice in order for Amy to want to help her!! This momma will take working together how ever and when ever she can get it!!

Joel actually eating something. This has not been a good eating week for him. He is eating applesauce in this picture. If you notice, he is not eating in his high chair. I must not have been home when this picture was taken, because walking around eating applesauce is very messy. I know this because I found the mess after the fact. Whomever took this picture conveniently did not take a picture of the mess all over the couch!

Daniel has been such a delight this week. I just needed to take this picture, so that I could remember this stage.......just in case it doesn't last!!

Emily playing a computer game with her favorite companion glued to her lap. These two have a VERY special bond. Emily is an excellent little mommy. One thing is for sure, if I die Joel will be very well taken care of!

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