Sunday, March 16, 2008

I love you!

I have decided to make day for posting a video. I am trying to get video of the other children, but they are not cooperating at the moment. So here is another video of Joel. He had been talking to his sister Emily on the phone for about twenty minutes. I took the video, because he was just walking around the house and talking non-stop (like his mommy does on the phone). By the time I got the camera out, he wasn't really talking anymore, but he would repeat whatever I told him to say. These two phrases were what he was saying on his own, just one minute before the camera came out. I hope you enjoy.


Notebooks said...

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Grammie said...

Joel is such a delightful child to talk with on the phone. He is learning to say so much and it seems as if he did that overnight.
I could just picture him talking to his sister and acting like a grownup. Joel you are the best and I loved talking with you last night on the phone.

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