Monday, March 10, 2008

Doing much better

I was sick the entire weekend! I am so glad that I was sick on the same weekend that we lost an hour. Instead of being sick for 48 hours, I was only sick for 47!!!

Daniel now has this nasty virus. He has had a fever since yesterday sometime. I did not require him to do school today, so he (we) had a pretty good day despite the illness. He and Joel laid around most of the time watching videos. I spent a lot of this wonderfully, peaceful day cleaning the house!!! I enjoyed myself TREMENDOUSLY.

Joel is not eating much at all. Tonight he totally skipped supper and dessert. I hope that this does not mean something bad is coming.

As of this morning my total weight lose is 7 pounds. I got a little behind when I switched my thyroid medicine a couple of weeks ago. I gained two and a half pounds that week and it has been slow coming off, but I think that my body is doing much better now. I should hit a ten pound loss soon!!!


MOM said...

Judith, you are so funny with your sick hours and time change.When I read it I got my laugh for the day. Yes, you are doing great and you will lose the weight you want by September and that is the important long term goal.

Mindy said...

Congrats on your continued weight loss! It's hard sticking to it.

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