Sunday, July 22, 2007


I am posting this picture of the three chalets, so that you can understand what I am writing about. The chalet on the left belongs to Jimmy and Lori (the one that you really can't see in the picture). Next to them is the Sutton's house. Ours is the one on the right side. All three chalets share the same well. The well is on the left side of Jimmy and Lori's house. Our water has a long way to travel before we get any of it. Needless to say our water pressure sometimes is much to be desired. Well, we have noticed something the past couple of days. The Sutton's left for vacation on Friday morning and our water pressure has been WONDERFUL!!! Even the children have noticed the change!! Karen what exactly do you guys do over their when you are home? We are wondering if you leave the water running nonstop! We really do miss you guys, but we will enjoy our water pressure immensely until you get back.

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Peggy said...

Judith, that is sooo funny! I'm still laughing!

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