Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My nickname should be...

Many of my friends call me the Garage Sale Queen. I love to go garage sale shopping and I really do find some GREAT deals, but if I were to give myself a nick name it would be The Queen of Procrastination!! No one can procrastinate better than I can! It really doesn't have to be anything hard or difficult, just something that I don't want to do at that moment. Here are some things that I have put off doing and now they are done. (Not by me mind you, but by my mother-in-law and by my hungry daughter Lauren)
Okay I am sure that you are questioning "the hungry Lauren" part, so I will tell you first what she did to help me. I had a mostly eaten chicken casserole in the fridge for what seemed like a small eternity. I had opened the fridge door and saw that casserole dish probably three or four times a day!! Every time I saw it I would think, "I really should throw that thing out before one of the kids eats it." But I never did it! I would close the fridge door and tell myself to get it next time. Yesterday I was gone for the afternoon with Karen. When I returned home I noticed that the casserole dish was in the sink!! My body got VERY numb. I asked the kids, "Who cleaned the dish out?" I was told that Lauren had eaten it for lunch! I wanted to die. All I could think of was that my procrastination just killed my daughter! I was so scared that she was going to get very sick. I ended up calling the doctor to see how soon she would get sick. They told me within a couple of hours. Praise the Lord!! It had already been several hours and she was fine!! Later that night when I was in bed praying, the Lord reminded me that I had actually made that casserole just ten days ago. Not that ten days is considered safe at our house, but it wasn't weeks like I had feared!! I had put off throwing that thing out so many times that it seemed like it had been in there for weeks! How sad is that!!
My mother-in-law stayed with us for just three nights and two days. In that short time she folded a couple loads of laundry, replaced a broken curtain rod with a new one, bought another rod for a new curtain to hang on, started on making the new curtain for me, and cleaned the room that she stayed in and changed the sheets on the bed. I am so thankful that she does not procrastinate like I do!! Our piano room is also grateful! (that is the room where the rod was replaced and the new curtain will be hung) Because of her hard work, I am now motivated to finish painting that room. I have put off finishing the painting for almost two years! You should see this room, no actually you shouldn't! I am so embarrassed to even tell you about it. The walls which are supposed to be one solid color of blue are actually four different colors! They have been like this for so long that I don't even notice them anymore when I go in there.
I warned you that I am.......The Queen of Procrastination!

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