Friday, June 8, 2007

What to blog about

I am not sure what to blog about today. Life is just happening and it seems pretty boring.

I did take Lauren to the orthodontist's this morning. She is having trouble with her gums. She is doing fantastic at obeying what not to eat, which may be actually causing her some trouble. Her gums are not getting enough stimulation and they are sagging down to her brackets. She breaks food up into small bites and puts it into her mouth. She is so afraid of breaking a wire. Dr. Chad told her that she needs to not be so careful. He told her to just stay away from candy and pop. (which she did without braces) He said she could probably eat rocks carefully if she wanted and not break her brackets off. I think that this put some things into perspective for her. She honestly has been avoiding just about everything. Dr. Chad also wants her to brush her teeth (without toothpaste) whenever she is sitting still in the house and floss her teeth everyday. She is getting VERY discouraged about her teeth and doesn't like her braces at the moment. I hate that this is happening to her, because I never had this problem when I had braces. I want SO much to take all her pain away! Children have NO idea how much their pain truly affects us as their parents.

This next item of news is going to sound very funny after that last sentence! Joel found his shadow yesterday. He was sitting in my lap and the light was behind us. On the wall across from us was Joel's shadow bigger than life. He started waving at it and it scared him! He started crying and I started laughing!! He stopped crying for a moment and then he saw it again, the whole thing started over. He cried and I laughed. I know and I am sorry that his pain didn't affect me much at all. What can I say, sometimes I feel their pain and sometimes I just don't!!

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