Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Endless Supply

Here are some endless supplies that I would love to have!

An endless supply of......
1. fresh fruits and vegetables
2. clean, ironed clothes that fit me
3. wisdom to give to others
4. fuel for our van
5. great smelling laundry soap and fabric softener
6. peanut butter (we eat it all the time)
7. my thyroid medicine
8. beautiful, warm (not hot) sunny days
9. laughter

That is my list and I am sticking with it. I am very aware that those of you who know me best are saying to yourself, "Hey, she never mentioned chocolate!" You are right, I didn't. The reason is, because somehow I have managed to already have an endless supply of the stuff! But I would give up every form of chocolate for forever, if I could have all the things on my list!

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Karen said...

I would have to say...
obedient children
free time

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