Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fun and more fun

Today was the funfair at Family Camp. Jocelyn Mann and Amy got beautiful butterflies painted on their face! They also got their hair braided. They do just about everything together. I love their friendship. Sometimes I am actually a little envious of their relationship. They always have each other. They get breaks from each other, but never for very long. Jeff is and always will be my best friend, but I would love to have a best girl friend. Someone that I could get together with and our children would play together while we talked or did things!
More fun!! Tonight at Granger was party night. We spent the night just having fun together, because next Thursday my kids, that are moving up to second grade, leave me and move up to Karen Sutton's class. I am going to miss SOME of them very much. The rest......have "fun" Karen!! Actually by the time they move up to Karen's class they really are no longer a problem to us. It is amazing how much they change and grow up in two years. I really dislike the summer months at Granger. Next Thursday we get the children that are going INTO Kindergarten. They have never had to sit for anything. We spend the entire summer trying to teach them to pay attention. After two weeks in school they all of a sudden get it, and our job gets MUCH easier. (This is only a small portion of the whole class!)

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Grammie said...

Amy, your face is so beautiful. I could actually get a "butterfly kiss" and I would so welcome that.
Emily, you're getting so grown up and so much more beautiful.
Judith, have fun as your children are growing up so fast. I love and miss you all. Keep the pictures and words of interest coming.

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