Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So many little things

I have many things to discuss, but none of them are very earth shattering! I will just post them all together.

I took Lauren to the dentist's yesterday to get her cavity filled. She got in the chair and he looked around her mouth and didn't see anything unusual. She told him where she had pain and then he asked her some questions about her pain. Apparently her teeth are just sore from BRACES!! No cavity! I was glad that she didn't have a cavity, but I felt really stupid for taking her in and wasting his time. Dr. Herbster was so sweet about the whole thing. He told us it takes a while to understand your braces and he didn't charge us a dime.

My son caught a snake and brought it home to his bucket, but it escaped! The Sutton's found it in their wood pile the other day. Today, I found it right outside our front door on the porch. It slithered off and went UNDER the porch. I can't go outside now without looking for it. I hate snakes!!!

I spent the afternoon watching 9 children swimming in the lake. They all had SO much fun. It was really easy for me. They never fought, they just played so nicely together. I love it when that happens.

I took Lauren shopping for some shorts that she would actually like to wear. We shopped in the men's section at Goodwill. She found two pair that she really likes. I have to face it. This child will never be a girly girl! It is strange to me how she wants to be thought of as beautiful (which she is), but she does not like to dress or act "beautiful".

I am loving the fact that I do not have to cook for the summer. The salad bar at the lodge is WONDERFUL! I am trying to make a salad one of my meals for the day.

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