Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Funny things

Here are some of the funny things that have been said at our house lately.

1. A certain child was having her spelling challenged. (I wish that you could have heard the tone of voice that this was said in. It was very upset, defensive and sure of herself!) I do too know how to spell lake....L-I-K-E!!! We all just about died with laughter!

2. Carter and Morgan were playing on my back porch. Well, they weren't playing, they were fighting. I told them to please play nicely or I would have to send Morgan home (I was watching Carter so I couldn't send him home too). Well they continued to fight so I sent Carter off the porch and I was going to talk to Morgan. She so sweetly looked up at me and said, "Miss Judith I won't fight with Carter anymore." Pause, she looks down, and then continues, "Because you sent him off the porch!" Thanks Morgan for your honesty. A note to the parents...they did play nicely for the rest of the time!

3. Emily was playing with Joel this morning. He was laughing and wiggling around. Emily tells him that he is going to be football player, because he is so restless! (I don't exactly know what she thinks of football players, but restless is not the first thing that comes to my mind.)

4. Hey guys, there is no toilet on the toilet paper roll! (One of the children quickly replied, "No kidding, Mom!")

5. After seeing the new "Our five blessing" picture, Lauren's response was, "We aren't a bad looking family after all!" (I am so glad that she finally likes the way that she looks!)

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