Sunday, April 29, 2007


Does the title mean anything to you? It sure would if you lived in this house with JOEL. He has a powerful set of lungs that the Lord has blessed him with. I hope someday that he will use those lungs for God's glory. Honestly I wish that he would use them today for His glory!!!! Joel has an amazing way lately of stressing me out with his crying and screaming fits. Recently every time Jeff asks me how I am doing, I just answer according to how Joel is acting. If Joel is being quiet and playing by himself, I am very happy no matter what else might be happening. If Joel is throwing a fit, I am not doing well at all (no matter what else might be happening). If it were at all possible to live without lungs, Joel's would be donated to the next person that needed them!! It is a good thing that Joel has also been blessed with a wonderful smile. When he is good he is very good, but when he is out, he is impossible!!! I am just praying that we will be consistent with him and break this NASTY habit that he has started. I am trying not to get overwhelmed and fear what the future holds for us with this bundle of WILL!!

The weather here is supposed to be 85 degrees tomorrow. The children are looking forward to going swimming. I am looking forward to being outside and not cleaning the house for a couple of hours!!! With the garage sale coming up this weekend, my house just can't seem to stay clean for five minutes. My house needs to be declutered!!

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Randa Clay said...

Your little guy sounds a lot like mine (21 months). When he is good and happy, it's heaven. When he is not, everything that doesn't go exactly his way makes him throw a fit and the high pitch of his screamy whine makes me crazy!

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