Friday, May 4, 2007

Father Daughter Banquet

Jeff and the girls had their annual Father Daughter Banquet tonight. The girls always look SO forward to this time. They spend most of the time helping Jeff work the banquet, but to them that is just fine. They love to work with Jeff. I must admit, I love to work with Jeff too!! He is so much fun in the kitchen.....always joking around. I enjoy watching him work too. He amazes me with every meal he cooks. He works SO hard and doesn't seem to mind it. I wouldn't want his job for ALL the money in the world!!! I know, technically I have his job, but mine is on a MUCH smaller scale. Mine is easier, but never ending. His is harder, but with times of no cooking for stretches of time. Oh well back to the banquet. While Jeff and the girls were having their fun, the boys and I had our time together. We went to our favorite $5.00 pizza place, picked up our pizza and ate it in the van!! (The pizza place really doesn't have much of a sitting area to eat in, so either we came home for the night and ate our pizza, or we ate it in the van and stayed out for the night!) After we were done eating, we went to Burger King and the boys played on the play place. We ended our night by going to Walmart for groceries. We had a great time together!! We will probably make this our tradition for this special night.

Hey, talking about traditions, what were some traditions that you grew up with and what are some that you are doing with your family now? I need some ideas. I want to make memories with my children and I want to give them things to talk about with each other in years to come!

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Jen said...

I had a good time working with Jeff in the kitchen during family camps in 1998. The best part was listening to everyone give him a hard time about his Cubs!

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