Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just another day

My house is driving me crazy.  It is a mess because we have been sick and it still has all the Christmas clutter everywhere.  I have some great hopes tomorrow of getting this house to feel more like a home and less like a bachelor pad. 
Today was Josh's Birthday.  We took him bowling for the afternoon.  Went kind of well except for the fact that Josh felt like a failure because he wasn't very good at it.  Wouldn't you know, Daniel had his best game ever today...198...of all days. 
Josh and Daniel will be leaving tomorrow for a day and a half.  The Korean students, the host students, and some of the parents are going to Chicago for some fun.  I sure hope that they have a great time, because it is getting harder to believe that Josh could be enjoying himself here with us.  Joel and I are about the only ones that talk to Josh.  The other children seem to be uncomfortable around him.  They don't know what to talk to him about.  I just ask him a bunch of questions and he answers me, but he doesn't talk much to me other wise.  He does seem to enjoy Joel a lot.  Joel makes him is really cute.  Josh is still very polite and a wonderful guest, but I feel like he is bored most of the time.  School starts again hopefully he will feel more busy and have more to talk about.

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