Thursday, January 5, 2012


Christmas decorations are put away.  I have never put the Christmas stuff away so soon after the holidays.  Kind of proud of myself.

I got to thinking today about things that I would change about myself if I could.  Here is my list.

  1. I would make myself truly funny and witty!!  There are a couple of ladies in my life that SO posses this ability and I am in awe of their God given talents.
  2. I would make myself with the ability to cook up a great meal with the left overs in my cupboard and fridge.
  3. I would always know what to say and how to say it!!
  4. I would add to my great personality the passion for exercise.
  5. I would love the snow and cold as much as I LOVE the summer sunshine and heat!!!
Things that I would never change about myself.....
  1. My smile
  2. My ability to start a conversation with a complete stranger
  3. My desire for my husband
  4. My height
  5. My inability to pay full price

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