Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Differences

Girl Drama vs. Boy Drama
Girls first
Mom...she won't talk to me.
Mom...I swept the floor for you.
Can I sleep with you tonight Mommy?
Can I get on email?
Mom...I have nothing to do.
How does my hair look?
Mom...I have no friends.
Do we have enough hot water left? I NEED to take a shower.
Mom...she's being mean to me.
Mom...he's cute.
I don't want to play with her.
Can I make a special meal for tonight?
Can I do a load of laundry? I wore my jeans yesterday and I need them washed for tomorrow.
Can I have a sleepover tonight?
What do girls and their friends like to do all day? TALK!!!
Boys Next
Son, did you break that window?
Son, where did you get this knife?
Throwing kerosene on that fire was very dangerous, Son!
Please stop irritating your sisters.
How did you get so muddy?
Yes, you do have to take a shower!
No, it is not fine to wear that to church, there is paint all over your jeans and shirt.
Comb your hair...PLEASE!
Has that been washed since the last time that you wore it?
Brush your teeth now.
Mom, can I have that scrap wood? I want to make something with it.
Dirty clothes go into the hamper...not on your bedroom floor.
I forgot!
Please stop bringing things home that you have found out in the trash.
Hug, hug, hug. Mom, I love you!!
What do boys like to do with their friends? As much as possible!


Thomas and Lisa said...

Thanks for enlightening we just have girl drama. With four there is plenty of it!!! DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA...

Roan said...

That was perfect! I have 3 girls and 2 boys (all homeschooled) and that pretty much sums it up!

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