Friday, July 18, 2008

Wow what a Summer!!

Today is the LAST day of Family Camp for the Summer!! Here are some pictures that I have taken through out these past seven weeks of camp.

I truly have a lot more, but I don't want to drive you crazy.

I am looking forward to next week being A LOT quieter and slower around here. I will be busy with a project next week and then we are going to start SCHOOL the next week!!! This summer went by SOOOOO fast!!


Thomas and Lisa said...

Looks like fun.

On Monday we will start our 7th week of school. Just started science last week and have yet to start history though. There has been a big transition to make. Mostly in all the time it takes for the daily stuff like laundry and even more of a task- meal preparation. We need to walk to the market most days. We spend many hours a day in the purchasing, preparing, cooking and eating then cleaning up after meals. We eat very fresh fruits and vegetables though! Occasionally we eat some chicken or fish.

Love being able to peek in at what is happening with you. I can almost pretend we are not so far away.

Kelsey said...

What an absolute blast!

Nancy Blowers said...

Hi Sweetie:

I wasn't going to write regarding your last post but something kept telling me I must. First of all, you are not selfish, by any means. Taking care of 5 children is a huge task by itself. Adding home schooling just adds to that task. Maybe, just maybe, your heart is telling you that you don't want to or can't home school the kids anymore. Afterall, there are 4 of them to teach, all at different levels. One or two was one thing. Instead of looking at this as if you are such a terrible mother maybe you should see it as a sign. Maybe it's time the kids went to school. You know what, I bet they would love it. The school hours would be dedicated to them without the thoughts of all the other things you have to get done. I really don't see this as a bad thing. You are only human. You can only do what you can do. You are overworked and are now starting to resent the task of teaching the kids. It also sounds like they aren't having much fun either. Learning should be fun. For everyone. Your spreading yourself too thin and you need to really think about that. You are not a bad person, wife, or mother. You are just a woman. Not God. You have limits. Like it or not. I don't really expect you to listen to anything I say because I don't have kids but I was a kid. I loved school and the social interaction that came with it. You know how the kids can't wait until summer so they can see a variety of people. They probably see school as a task that they don't look forward to. That's just my thought. Like I said, something kept telling me I had to write. I think a little outside opinion wouldn't hurt. You know I love you and want nothing but the best for you and your family. Think about what I have said.

All my love,

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