Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I got to thinking

After Daniel got his stitches, I started thinking about something. I realized that Daniel is the child of many firsts.
1. our first son
2. the first to be birthed without hours of pushing
3. our first and only blond
4. our first and only child to actually wear clothes that are smaller than his age.....he will be 10 and wears size 8 (Joel on the other hand is 1 and wears size 3t in some things/ the girls are the same way....big for their age)
5. the first child to have an allergic reaction to something (we had to rush him in to the doctors two years ago, because his face was swelling up after a bee sting/ also allergic to the medicine Bactrim....didn't swell up, but had a rash from head to toe)
6. the first child we ever lost (He wondered away while we were at the beach in Florida.....he was looking for us!)
7. our first child who NEEDS to be outside and busy
8. our first child to do the Life Action Triathlon
9. our first and hopefully our only child to kill a bird......just for the fun of it
10. our first child that Jeff named
11. the first child to adore and prefer to play with smaller children
12. our first and only child to constantly lose his shoes while outside playing in them
13. the first child that built something for me
14. our first and only child that is angry with me one minute and the next minute is hugging all over me and telling me that he loves me!!
15. Daniel is the first boy in my life to have me wrapped around his little finger!!

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