Thursday, May 17, 2007

Want a ride?

What do you think from these two pictures? Is it fun to be the baby of the family? Are they torturing the poor child or is he loving the ride? All I can say is that Amy and Daniel had a blast taking Joel around the house in my luggage bag!! I sometimes wonder, who is Joel going to "torture or spoil" when he gets older? No, I am not longing for another baby! I will leave it up to his sisters or brother to provide him with a niece or nephew to do those thing to!! Can you imagine? I could be a Grandma in ten years or even sooner!!! Lauren would be 23/ Emily-21/ Daniel-20/ Amy-17/ Joel-12. Just seeing those numbers makes me want to go hold each of them right now and keep them the ages they are tonight!! But I won't, I will let them sleep now and hold them tomorrow when I get home!!
Tomorrow I am going garage sale shopping!!! I am so excited! It will probably be my only chance for a long time. I had to choose a weekend with several subdivision sales. With the gas prices as high as they are, I can't afford to go garage sale shopping many more times!

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