Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pros and Cons

There are some real pros and cons to Joel being sick. The pros are...that only Mommy and Daddy are good enough for Joel. Siblings will not do! He wants to be held by us all the time.

The cons are....that siblings will not do. ONLY Mommy and Daddy are good enough for Joel!! He wants to be held by us ALL THE TIME!!

This picture was taken this morning. He was so sick. He was either moaning and groaning or sleeping, there was just no in between. He is doing better tonight. His fever is gone for now, but he is still very weak. Our concerns for him at the moment are that he won't eat anything and he is not drinking much at all. Please keep praying.

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Mom said...

Well, you could move closer to Grammie, then she could hold him or sit while you hold him. Another pro is that he doesn't feel like screaming and that is a relief, I'm sure. My prayers are with him for God to heal him completely and for the family not to catch what he has.

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