Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another "sick" story

With all the sickness in my house this week, I found out something. 3 out my 5 precious children apparently prefer to throw up in bed! This fact alone is why I never wash their sheets. I know with much certainty that they are either going to wet on them or throw up on them at some point. So I just wait until then! Four beds are now clean. (Joel chose to bless two beds!)

Now you know why I haven't written in a few days. Not much to write about.

Now I have something to tell you about. Today was kind of exciting here. We had a big storm blow through our area, so we got to leave our house and go to a friend's basement!! Yippee. It was a lot of fun. The children played games and Diana Jo and I talked!! I needed to get out of my house and feel normal again. I sure hope her family doesn't get whatever we have. I was going to stay home and just wait it out here, but she told me that she wasn't afraid of the flu. Lord, bless her for that!!

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lisatatj said...

Just thot i would let you know that since you told me about your blog, i follow it 'religiously'...i very much enjoy it and love keeping up with you this way....of course it feels one sided, but strangely, i feel connected to you still this way...strange how a blog can help people feel connected... ;)

i love you tons...and miss you

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