Saturday, May 30, 2009

We are home

Jeff and I had a BLAST!!!!
I now have a new second love though....walking on a treadmill while watching cable TV. The hotel had two of the most awesome machines!!! The TV was attached to each treadmill, so I got to watch whatever home improvement show I wanted and Jeff watched whatever sports show he wanted!!! We walked for about 4 miles side by side on those things!! Since we do not have cable TV at our house, walking on the treadmill was so exciting that way!!! I so could have walked ALL day on that machine, but I was not about to waste ALL my alone time with my hubby!! Think of the weight I could lose though, if I just owned one of those things!!

The children did just least they were fine when we got home. I will not share the scary stories with you that were told to me when I walked in the front door.

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ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

LOL! Sometimes we need to tuck those little stories away in the back of our minds, and just remember that everyone is okay now. :) Glad you had a fun time!

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