Saturday, March 22, 2008

So much to talk about

  1. We are now officially wireless!! I am SO excited! This has been in the works for months. Thank you Bryon and Karen for making this work!!

  2. Joel had been sick for almost two and a half weeks. He had the longest lasting stomach bug I had ever witnessed. During his sickness I was so concerned that he would never eat normal again. You see, while he was sick he was just grazing all day. He would eat the weirdest things and then not want his favorite things. This went on for way too long. I am here to tell you that all my worries were not needed. Joel is now all better. I am very sure of this, because he is now eating once again like the horse he has always been. I am so excited to see him eat a real meal and then be satisfied for many hours. Thank you Jesus!!

  3. Joel was able to have his best friend Hayden over today. They haven't played together in weeks, because of all the sickness in our house. The two boys were so excited to be together again. Here are some pictures of them.

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Karen said...

What a cute little boy you had visiting! :) Oh Bryan with an A :)I won't tell him!

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